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Oifik Youssefi

Oifik Youssefi (1992) was born in The Hague. From a young age, Oifik has engaged himself with visual arts: whether it was drawing or sculpting, he tried it all.

Throughout the years, Oifik’s interest in discovering art and working with images improved at a staggering rate. Not a single school book or sheets of paper were left un-doodled. A year-long internship at an art gallery in The Hague in his teens improved Oifik’s sense of imagery and concepting, tipping the scales and setting in stone his ambition to pursue a career in being a visual artist. 

After doing a Bachelor of Arts in journalism at the Utrecht School of Journalism, working the hours at news stations and spending seven months in Seoul (South Korea), Oifik has shifted his gaze from artistry to human interest and storytelling. Though both artistry and journalism share its unique and charming traits, fully committing to just one or the other didn’t sit right with Oifik. As such, he graduated and pursued a career in academia at the graduate school of social sciences at the University of Amsterdam, with the aim of getting a better and more sophisticated understanding of the world around him. The match was quickly lit, and science opened up new paths for him to discover.

However, after getting his MSc in political economy, Oifik noticed his love for visual arts and videography came back to haunt him for the better. From 2017 to 2019 Oifik worked at Dutch public broadcasting station BNNVARA as a digital creator, focusing on directing and shaping ideas – bringing together storytelling with effective imagery. The journey continued, and he was given the opportunity to put his director skills to the ultimate test – far away from home: travelling to seven African countries and shooting travel videos and documentaries for a Dutch travel agency in Nairobi.

All of the above combined made Oifik the creator he is today. The international experience in particular opened up new ways for him to assess visuals and videography, resulting in an approach that crosses more than one border.